"1 Dip"

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Distributed internationally, Anna Oakley’s (AO’s) music was described, “Deeply emotional tracks like this are far and few between in this community, but we could use a lot more of this. Raw, honest…, this track was worth the wait.”

AO has been changing the status quo of the game. As an American rapper, singer/songwriter, she’s a bold contrast to many in rap and hip-hop — an industry Anna feels is dominated by men who glorify hostility and malice towards women. Anna’s music celebrates the power of being a woman, and as a lesbian, she embraces her sexuality in a genre that’s traditionally anything but
friendly to the LGBTQ community.

Passionate about music since childhood, AO uses her art as an avenue to process her lived experiences, evoke feelings and broaden perspectives among her audience, while uplifting her community. Standing at the intersection of black and LGBTQ culture, AO’s vulnerability inspires and shines light on real-life issues.

Her influences, deeply rooted in pop and soul; with Michael Jackson topping the list, as well as rap’s female royalty, Queen Latifah, and the latest example of hip-hop as art, Kendrick Lamar. A genre crossing, trail blazing visionary, her music is all her own — symbolic and full of imagery.


Anna Oakley’s mission is to create music that will inspire and uplift her community.

Through her music, grounded in truth and vulnerability of her intersecting identities, AO seeks to influence thought, offer perspectives that could impact a brighter world, and deliver great vibes.

As AO continues to grow as an artist and an individual, she also seeks to inspire her audience to be the best version of themselves, never accepting defeat, as she strives too as well.

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