"1 Dip"

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Anna Oakley is an American rapper, singer/songwriter; and the CEO of her independent record label, Magical Child Music ™.

AO’s taking aim at what you think you know about rap, hip-hop and trap, and taking a shot at the status quo of the game. She’s a bold contrast to many in rap and hip-hop — an industry Anna feels is dominated by men who glorify hostility and malice towards women. Anna’s music celebrates the power of being a woman, and as a lesbian, she embraces her sexuality in a genre that’s traditionally anything but friendly to the LGBT community.

Her influences, deeply rooted in pop and soul; with Michael Jackson topping the list, as well as rap’s female royalty, Queen Latifah, and the latest example of hip-hop as art, Kendrick Lamar. A genre crossing, trail blazing visionary, her music is all her own — symbolic and full of imagery.

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