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Anna Oakley’s taking aim at what you think you know about rap, hip-hop and trap, and taking a shot at the status quo of the game. She’s a bold contrast to many in rap and hip-hop — an industry Anna feels is dominated by men who glorify hostility and malice towards women. Anna’s music celebrates the power of being a woman, and as a lesbian, she embraces her sexuality in a genre that’s traditionally anything but friendly to the LGBT community.

Ask where she’s from and Anna, a vet, will tell you, “Nowhere.” She’s bounced around the East Coast, even before she joined the military, but now calls California home. But roots are in pop, with Michael Jackson, as well as rap’s female royalty, Queen Latifah, and the latest example of hip-hop as art, Kendrick Lamar.

Her music is all her own — symbolic and full of imagery, based on things that have happened to her and people she knows. Though some may confuse her message as violent, it’s metaphorical and ultimately to change perspectives. Her newest tracks are unmistakably Trap, but as always, Anna spins what people know about Trap and makes it her own.

“Trap is about hustling and building an empire,” she explained. “Yeah, there’s sex — but I also talk about how when men don’t treat their woman right, I’m going to take their woman.”

One of her newer tracks, “Freedom”, is her observation of the black community and how it deals with the n-word. Anna has been brought to blows about its prevalence and use in hip-hop and rap. “This word is not who we are. The word is dead,” she said.

Music was Anna’s therapy growing and continues to be her way of dealing with the demons from her past. She hopes to give kids who are in similar situation inspiration or hope, or to at least have her music as a distraction.

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